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9 Beach Vacation Ideas

When it comes to going on your beach vacation, it can be very hard to pick a destination.  There are many
places you can go, whether you want to explore the
beaches of Hawaii or just play golf in Georgia.
Below, you'll find 9 ideas to help you decide on
where to go for your vacation.

1.  Hawaii resort
Grand Wailea - A Waldorf Astoria Resort
You can choose to put your frequent flier miles to
good use and take a beach vacation on the island of
Hawaii.  Here, you can relax on the beach, swim in
the ocean, play golf, and even indulge in one of
the many innovative spa treatments.  Hawaii enjoys
some of the best weather in the world - making it
a great choice for your beach vacation.

2.  Golf and Beach in Georgia
Brasstown Valley Resort
Popular among the East Coast, the Cloister at Sea
Island in Georgia offers you 54 holes of championship
golf, sandy beaches, and a wide array of things for
you to do.

3.  Oahu beach vacation
Kahala Mandarin Oriental Resort Oahu
 5000 Kahala Avenue Honolulu, Oahu
At the Kahala Mandarin Oriental you can expect to be
pampered like never before.  You can visit the spa,
take scuba diving classes, or choose to swim it up
with the dolphins.  The resort is conveniently
located 15 minutes away from Honolulu and Waikiki

4.  Virgin Islands vacation
At this vacation destination you can enjoy blue
waters and sandy beaches.  The Ritz Carlton, and
St. Thomas resorts offer you the best of luxury
hotels during your beach vacation in the Virgin

5.  Half Moon Bay California
Located just 30 minutes by car away from San
Francisco, the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is a
quick beach vacation away from the normal busy life
of the city.

6.  Luxury Beach Resort of Bermuda
Two hours away by flight from New York City,
Bermuda is a quick and ideal vacation away from the
East Coast.  Ariel Sands offers you 47 guest rooms
with gourmet food and breathtaking views.

7.  Romance and seclusion in Jamaica
With unique rooms and splendid views of the
The Caribbean, gourmet cuisine and amazing beaches,
The Caves resort in Jamaica helps to set the beach
vacation mood like never before.

8.  Lakeside Resort Georgia
Near Atlanta Georgia, the Lake Lanier Islands offers
a golf course for golf lovers and a waterpark with
several water rides, slides, and water attractions
the entire family will enjoy.

9.  Family fun in Hawaii
The Kona Village Resort in Hawaii offers you
several vacation activities that include snorkeling,
kayaking, sailing, volleyball, tennis, fishing,
scuba diving, and glass bottom boat tours.

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When Traveling as a Student, Practice Safety First

 So you ask, is traveling dangerous? It is quite
inherent that in any kind of travel that a person
does, the danger is always just around the corner yes,
traveling entails a lot of risks but there are ways on
how to prevent these kinds of unwanted situations just
by following simple safety first tips when traveling
especially if you’re just a student.

As a student traveling far away from home, you have to
consider a lot of precautions like:

Street crimes may vary in forms but the motive will
still be the same. Even if you came from another
country and have lived your life in a big city, you
will still be startled on how crimes are made in other

If you came from a small town and it will be your
first time to enter the big city, keep your faith
strong for there are a lot of people living in the
biggest cities with the littlest of hearts and frail

• If you’re going to someplace where people can’t
speak your tongue, you should’ve had even the
slightest background of the place’s dialect or
language so that you can easily get help.

As you plan your travel, make sure that you are aware
of the different travel warnings and not considering
the places where Americans are not safe to go. You can
also, register to the US Embassy of the country where
you’re at just in case anything bad will happen, your
country will know where to find you.

At the point of traveling alone in a stranger’s place,
it’s advisable to stay safe. You can do the following:

• Apply the safety precautions that you have at home.
Think of your new place as danger prone times two. But
these precautions should not hinder your chances of
enjoying your stay. Just avoid walking along dark and
empty streets. As much as possible stash your money in
places where thieves dare not search. Stay alert at
all times.

• If you’re boarding a plane or crossing a border,
never let yourself carry the items of others even if
you know that person very well. You can’t plead “not
guilty” if inspectors have proven that what you’re
carrying is illegal drugs or explosives.

• Know about the important laws of the place you’re
going to. There are certain places where bribery is
beginning to become a livelihood for some public
officials wherein, to literally go about safely around
town, you have to give a bigger amount. In these
places, your rights can be very thin.

• Pay attention to your luggage. Never let it out of
your sight. There are scenarios that go “one minute
it’s there, the other minute it’s gone. In countries
where poverty is their main problem, it would help at
least 10 families to live through cold nights with
that luggage of yours.

be very careful when riding trains and taxis. You
can easily get lost most especially if the taxi driver
doesn’t get what you’re saying. You’ll just go around
in circles. Worst, it can cost you so much.

Point is: preparation and knowledge will keep you safe
in all your journeys. You can go in a place where
you’ll really enjoy every moment that you’re there and
in another where you’ll curse all the way out. The tool
is, as a student, you must always be aware of the
safety first practices when traveling outside your

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The Thing About American Vacations

I was thinking the other day that soon, I would have to start making plans for my next vacation.  So there I was looking through my world atlas for a destination of my dreams flipping through the pages when I came across a map of North America and there it hit me.   At a rate of one State a year, it would take 50 years to explore the US, 50 American Vacations that would not even scratch the surface of this great big land of ours.  Indeed I remember visiting the Grand Canyon w...

I was thinking the other day that soon, I would have to start making plans for my next vacation.  So there I was looking through my world atlas for a destination of my dreams flipping through the pages when I came across a map of North America and there it hit me.   At a rate of one State a year, it would take 50 years to explore the US, 50 American Vacations that would not even scratch the surface of this great big land of ours.
Indeed I remember visiting the Grand Canyon with my wife last year when we thought that one week of exploration through this incredibly beautiful land had only enabled us to see but a mere fraction and we had promised each other to return another year.  I remember thinking back then that this magnificent Grand Canyon National Park had been carved by the Colorado River, a body of water moving down from a great distance and it probably took it millions of years to achieve its goal, some 6 million years ago.  A piece of art, millions of years in the making but the greatest architect of all, nature, to bring us this ultimate American Vacation dream.

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American Vacations are available in a multitude of packages and possibilities.  Where you decide to go will depend on your area of interest and your lifestyle.  If you are sporty kind, waking boots with you as there are as more trails then you would care to count, ranking from beginner to advanced depending on how fit you are.  When taking a walking holiday, remember to follow all the safety recommendations that available at the Parks themselves or online.  Too many people have been the unfortunate victims of their own ignorance when it comes to precautions, and you will want to be careful.  Most national parks offer to lodge of some sort, and for the more adventurous amongst you, camping might just be the thing for you!.
American National Parks are truly amongst the best in the world.  Maintained to retain their original wild beauty they offer amenities and services to meet the needs of most tourists.  Bring

If you are more of the sedentary type of traveler, Las Vegas vacations, for example, might be a destination that will appeal to you even though it might not with your bank manager’s seal of approval.

But of course, talking about every possibility offered by an American vacation would take thousands of pages which would be obsolete the moment such a book was written.

So: chose a state of interest, determine the areas you want to visit, the type of vacation you enjoy and start planning.  You can get there by car, train, plane, boat and once there you can either camp, stay in a hotel, a cabin or a vacation home.  It doesn’t really matter how you do it, the simple fact is that this American Land of ours is truly a gift of nature and you will likely make this next vacation of yours a holiday of a lifetime.

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Women’s Travel Guide for Additional Safety

Whether it is for business or pleasure, you will see
that more and more women are now traveling all over
the world. Although this may seem like a good thing,
you have to remember that in other parts of the world,
women are viewed as weak and are unable to defend
themselves. This is why you have to remember that when
traveling, safety first should always be on top of
other things.

So, here are some tips that women can use in order to
have a much more enjoyable and also much safer trip
whenever they travel abroad.

The first tip is that you should always do your
research first on the country you plan on traveling
to. You have to remember that not all countries are
the same in regards to culture. Some countries are
culturally conservative and will have dress codes that
everyone should follow. Always familiarize yourself on
the laws and customs of the place you wish to go to.
Remember that ignorance of the law excuses no one even
if you are a tourist.

A very good example would be Saudi Arabia. If you travel here, you have to remember that tourists here and even women were apprehended by the police for improper dresses. You have to remember that Islamic nations tend to be very conservative especially around women. So, never ever do obscene postures when traveling to unknown places. In fact, in some countries, it is even illegal to invite people of the opposite sex in your hotel room. And, only married couples are allowed to stay in the same hotel room. Although fashion may always be important for you as it really does make a statement, you have to remember that what may be casual wear for you may be seen as provocative or inappropriate in other countries. Always remember that you can never go wrong with jeans and t-shirt that covers most of your body. Also, these clothes are better option than skirts if you need to run or defend yourself.
Whenever traveling, it is always a good idea to blend in with the public. Try buying a local dress and wear it to give other people the impression that you are a local and is familiar with the country. If you want a more secure way whenever you are getting around the country, always arm yourself. Today, you will see a lot of safety devices available for sale in the market and can be brought along legally. An example would be pepper sprays, where if sprayed on the assailant’s face, it will temporarily blind them and also disable them for 5 to 6 minutes, which is enough for you to run away and get help. You can also try getting a stun gun which has an electrostatic voltage charge. This safety device will indeed give your assailant a shock of his or her life and weaken their muscles.
Whenever traveling in unfamiliar surroundings, always be alert. It is recommended that you should never carry your wallet in your back pocket. Always carry it in the front or side pockets and keep your hands in there. You have to remember that some places are notorious for pickpockets and there are even places where children working with adults can slash your pants with a blade and get the contents of that pocket. Always be cautious. These are some of the safety tips that you should remember whenever you travel. You have to remember that as a woman, you will be much more vulnerable to attacks. By always planning ahead, you can be sure that you will be able to have a more enjoyable vacation. Whenever you plan your holiday, you need to remember that safety should always be first when traveling.

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